Atos Tribunal at the court


Back in 2010 my partner had a WCA assessment (with accompanying ESA50 form) at home and passed it with no problems.  The doctor was nice and friendly, and the experience was calm and reassuring.  Then in 2012 came the second assessment, again at home and this time it was a completely different story.  My partner went from 15+ points to 0 points without getting any better.  We appealed and a year and a half later we finally got our day at the Tribunals Court.


We were in for about 10 minutes in all.  The Judge asked straight away if my partner had appealed before and he said no, she then asked about a previous assessment between 2009 and now and we said there had been an assessment before which my partner had passed no problems.  The Judge was not happy that the previous medical from Atos was not in the paperwork and said they would need to adjourn the tribunal to gather more medical evidence from Atos and my partner’s GP.  Basically, they are going to ask Atos for the previous ESA50 form, medical assessment and notes from the doctor who passed my partner, get medical records from his GP to see whether he has improved since that date or if he has worsened.


In other words, Atos has tried to hide the fact that my partner was unfit for work back in 2010, but even though he is worse now, they scored him a 0 without even bothering to do the test properly.  They’re going to get found out in this lie and our appeal is going to be upheld as we know the medical state of my partner is worse than it was in 2010.  We now have to wait a few weeks for the court to gather the new evidence and re-schedule a new tribunal date.


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